UNM Student Resources

Resources for Anderson Students

Anderson BBA Advisement

  • View academic advisement contact info
  • Setup an academic advisement appointment

Anderson Technology

  • Contact Anderson IT
  • Review available resources
  • Laptop purchasing
  • Access the Virtual Lab (VLAB)
  • View help videos
  • Software available to students through UNM

Office of the Registrar

  • View semester deadlines, registration dates, schedule of classes, final exam schedule
  • UNM student forms
  • Transcripts (official)

myUNM / LoboWeb

  • Register for classes
  • Make payments
  • Access to LoboMail
  • Access to LoboAchieve
  • Access to additional student resources

UNM Catalog

  • View course descriptions
  • View course pre or co-requisites
  • View program requirements

UNM Learn Support

  • Tutorials for online learning
  • Media tools
  • Frequently asked questions for online learning

UNM Students

  • Learn about different studying strategies
  • Learn about student life at UNM
  • Learn about different resources available to UNM students

Bring Back the Pack

  • View the latest about UNM & COVID-related information
  • Access processes about protecting the Pack