Courses and Concentrations

In order to complete the Anderson BBA Program, students must successfully complete the program's required core courses in addition to concentration courses, an upper division humanities, and any free electives. Effective for students admitted for Fall 2011 or thereafter.

BBA Core Courses (31 credit hours)

  • ACCT 2120 - Principles of Accounting II
  • MGMT 300 - Operations Management
  • MGMT 306 - Organizational Behavior & Diversity
  • MGMT 308 - Ethical, Political , and Social Environment of Business
  • MGMT 310 - Legal Issues for Managers
  • MGMT 322 - Marketing Management
  • MGMT 326 - Financial Management
  • MGMT 328 - International Management
  • MGMT 398 - Career Management Skills
  • MGMT 450 - Computer Based Information Systems
  • MGMT 498 - Strategic Management

Information about the core courses can be found at the UNM Catalog.

BBA Concentrations

Candidates for the BBA degree should declare a concentration no later than the first semester of their senior year.

There are a variety of concentrations available to Anderson BBA students. Each concentration offers its own benefits and opportunities. Details of each concentration and its required courses can be found by clicking on the links included below. The required hours for each concentration are listed on the checklist.

Concentration Options: