BBA Free Electives

Free Electives

  • Any course not specifically required for your degree
  • Any course except basic skills (such as Introductory Studies Math) or technical courses (designated by a “T” on your transcript)
  • Any course numbered 101-499 (offered or accepted by UNM)
  • Only one credit hour of PE-NP

On average, Anderson students need 24 hours of free electives. Additional management classes outside of those required for your concentration will count as free elective credit.

External Minor or Second BBA Concentration

We strongly encourage students to pursue an External Minor or a second BBA concentration:

  • A second concentration can help you focus your free elective credit hours and diversify your personal brand
  • A minor in Economics, Communications and Journalism, Psychology, Sociology, or a Foreign Language is a great supplement to your BBA

Suggested Free Electives

Other suggested Free Elective courses that will enhance your business degree include:

  • CJ 130: Public Speaking
  • CJ 314: Intercultural Communication
  • CJ 332: Business and Professional Speaking
  • CJ 340: Communication in Organizations
  • ECON 300 Intermediate Microeconomics I
  • ENGL 418: Proposal and Grant Writing
  • MGMT 497: Internship*


  • Did you know 60% of paid interns got job offers?
  • 80% of employers are looking to hire new employees with relevant work experience and 60% of 2012 college graduates who took part in paid internships received at least one job offer (NACE 2012 Student Survey).
  • An Anderson internship may be the ticket to landing your dream job!
  • Not only will you gain knowledge and skills related to your major, but you can receive 3 academic credits for your internship!