Transfer Student Admissions

Transfer Students Admission Requirements

  1. Meet with an Anderson School of Management Academic Advisor early and often to discuss your academic options, and plan your transition to UNM. You do not need to be admitted into UNM to meet with your Anderson Advisor. Please find an Academic Advisor
  2. Transfer Students must meet all UNM Transfer Admission Requirements
  3. Students do not need to satisfy all Anderson admission requirements, before being admitted and transferring to UNM. Please correlate early and often with an Anderson Academic Advisor to determine when you should transition to UNM.
  4. The Anderson School of Management Pre-admission requirements (admission requirements are subject to change).
  5. A minimum grade of "C" and an overall cumulative GPA of 2.5 on all required pre-admission coursework is required for admission into Anderson.
  6. An overall combined GPA of 2.5 on all University of New Mexico and transfer coursework required for admission into Anderson.
  7. If you plan to earn your Associate's Degree from CNM, please ensure that you are pursuing the Associate of Arts in Business. Please know that the Associate's Degree in Business Administration does not align with the Pre-Admission requirements for UNM Anderson. You may see how the Associate's Degree in Business aligns with the Pre-Admission requirements, by using the Transfer Matrix
  8. You must be admitted into UNM before you can be admitted into UNM Anderson.
  9. Students do not need to be admitted into UNM Anderson, in order to take Management courses. As long as you meet the pre-requisite requirement, you may take the course. Use the concentration sheets to review course pre-requisites.
  10. Send official transcripts from all institutions attended. Please notify your advisor if you have academic coursework in progress from another institution, i.e. CNM.
  11. There is no application to UNM's Anderson School of Management. Once you have met all of the pre-admission requirements, you will be automatically considered for admission into your program.

Requirements are subject to change. Please note that there is no guarantee of admission.