3-2 MBA Program

The Three-Two MBA Program permits a University of New Mexico undergraduate student to complete both a bachelor's degree in a field outside of management and an MBA degree in five (5) years. For the first three years of university studies, the student pursues a normal program of undergraduate work in any college excluding Anderson School of Management. During the second semester of the junior year, the student applies for admission to the MBA program at Anderson School of Management. The student is expected to meet regular MBA admission requirements with a minimum GPA of a 3.0 and a minimum GMAT score of 500 or an equivalent score on the GRE. For more information about the exam options, registration, and preparation, please see http://mba.mgt.unm.edu/admissions/gmatgre-exam-information.asp.

Once admitted to the Three- Two Program, students will complete 18 hours of MBA courses during the senior year, which will constitute the student's minor course of study. In the fifth year of study, the student will be admitted to graduate status for the MBA program and have a minimum of 19 hours left to complete the Accelerated MBA program degree requirements or 25 hours left to complete the Focused MBA program. All MBA program degree requirements and academic regulations apply to students in the Three-Two program.

Students are encouraged to meet with their undergraduate college academic advisor on a regular basis to ensure timely progress to graduation. Once you are in the stages of applying to the 3-2 program, students need to complete a 3-2 Supplemental Application and Checklist. This form requires signatures from current undergraduate college advisors, Anderson Graduate advisor, and the student. This form must be submitted with your 3-2 application for admission. You can apply online at https://online.mgt.unm.edu/masters

Regular information sessions about the 3-2 program are hosted by Anderson Advisement in the Anderson Advisement Center.

To attend one of these sessions, please call the front desk at (505) 277-3290.