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Academic Advisement

We believe students have the capacity to make strategic choices and are the drivers of their own success. Our mission is to empower students as they pursue success by providing the necessary resources for them to make informed decisions and provide assistance as they manage their academic and professional careers.

Walk- In Undergraduate Academic Advisement Information

Summer Advisement

Summer advisement will be available by appointment only. Walk-in advisement will resume in the fall.

Please keep in mind that signing for walk-in advisement ends 10 minutes prior to each scheduled end time. This is to ensure students have adequate time to go over their academic needs with the advisor.

Current Students

Please try to the best of your ability to meet with your concentration advisor during walk-ins to maintain consistency. If you have not chosen a concentration or are a general management concentration you may attend walk-ins with any academic advisor.

Prospective Students

The option to create a non-UNM account on loboachieve.unm.edu and view walk-in academic advisement hours without being admitted to UNM is now available.

If you have a concentration in mind please attend walk-ins with the corresponding concentration advisor. If you do not have a concentration in mind you may attend walk-ins with any academic advisor.

If you are having any difficulty viewing our undergraduate academic advisors appointment availability or walk in hours on Lobo Achieve contact us at andersonadvising@unm.edu or call 505.277.3290.