International Concentration

For students who want to concentrate in International Management as undergraduate BBA candidates, the Anderson School offers two options, the Latin American option, which draws on the University's strength in this area, or the generalist option. Students who are interested in careers in International Management should meet with a Faculty Advisor early in their program to discuss career options and to have their course selections approved. Students who are serious about an international management career should also consider acquiring some first-hand international experience by living and working or studying abroad. (Anderson and the UNM Office of International Programs and Studies administer one-to-one exchange programs for students with universities in other countries and directs summer sessions in Latin America and Europe on an annual basis.) Students will also benefit greatly from mastering a foreign language.

International Management Concentration Checklist

Please visit the concentration checklists page to download the appropriate checklist, and other resources, for your program.

Questions regarding concentration requirements should be addressed your BBA advisor or with the Accounting Faculty Concentration Advisor.

International Management Faculty Concentration Advisor

Raul Gouvea

Department Contact Information

Leslie A. Boni

Vanessa G. Kline