Finance Concentration

Finance Concentration Checklist

Please visit the concentration checklists page to download the appropriate checklist for your program.

Questions regarding concentration requirements should be addressed your BBA advisor or with the Finance Faculty Concentration Advisor.

Finance Area Policy For Granting Transfer Credit

(Effective July 1, 2003)
MGMT 326. Conditional Waiver Letter grade of "C-" or better in a basic finance management course within the last 5 years from a college of business with either AACSB accreditation or an existing exchange agreement with the Anderson School of Management. The conditional waiver permits the student to substitute any other Anderson 400 level finance course for MGMT 326.

400 Level Finance Courses Letter grade of "C-" or better in an equivalent course from a finance department or area in an AACSB-accredited college of business or management within the last 5 years. The student may transfer 6 hours of approved upper-division credit toward an Anderson finance concentration with pre-approval by the Finance faculty advisor. Transfer of an upper-division finance course satisfies the conditional aspect of the MGMT 326 waiver.

Upper Division Humanities

One 3-hour course, 300-level or above from: American Studies, Classics, Comparative Literature, English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies.

Finance Faculty Concentration Advisor

Leslie A. Boni

Department Contact Information

Leslie A. Boni

Vanessa G. Kline