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Student Transfer Information

Undergraduate (BBA) Program Transfer Policies

Download the Transfer Student Checklist.

Students planning to complete their first two years of study at a junior college or at a four-year college other than UNM should take only those courses that are offered as freshman or sophomore-level courses at the University of New Mexico. Please refer to UNM’s Transfer Articulation website or check with UNM Admission Office to determine course transferability. Only transferred upper division Management courses should be brought to Anderson Advisors for evaluation.

A transferring student must meet normal requirements for admission to this university as well as admission requirements of the Anderson School.

Transfer of credit is a two-part process. The Admissions and Outreach Services Office first prepares a credit evaluation statement (statement of advanced standing) as soon as possible after admission status has been determined. This statement contains a listing of coursework generally acceptable to the university. Each college or school then determines how this transferable work will be used to meet individual degree requirements. Determination of the use of transferable work is made at the time of admission to the Anderson School. Evaluations or opinions offered prior to admission are unofficial and non-binding.

Students desiring to transfer credit for any upper-division Anderson School course must meet with a BBA advisor to receive prior approval.

Each area will determine how many hours must be taken in residence at UNM in concentration area courses in order to obtain a concentration in the area. The Anderson School will not accept credit from educational programs of non-collegiate organizations.

Students transferring from accredited junior, community or branch colleges should note that no transfer credit will be given for courses which are offered at the upper-division level at UNM. Lower-division credit will be determined in the manner mentioned above in the Transfer Policies and Transferring from Other Accredited Institutions section.

New Mexico Business Articulation and Transfer Matrix

The State of New Mexico has provided a list of business courses that will transfer between different educational institutions within the state.

New Mexico Business Articulation and Transfer Matrix (approved October 2016)

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