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For students who want to concentrate in International Management as undergraduate BBA candidates, the Anderson School offers two options, the Latin American option, which draws on the University's strength in this area, or the generalist option. Students who are interested in careers in International Management should meet with a Faculty Advisor early in their program to discuss career options and to have their course selections approved. Students who are serious about an international management career should also consider acquiring some first-hand international experience by living and working or studying abroad. (Anderson and the UNM Office of International Programs and Studies administer one-to-one exchange programs for students with universities in other countries and directs summer sessions in Latin America and Europe on an annual basis.) Students will also benefit greatly from mastering a foreign language.

Careers in International Management

Download a brief primer to help you develop ways to become aware of the career opportunities available to you and to help you articulate the distinct skills one acquires as they gain professional credentials in international business and management (IB/IM). For additional information

For additional career information, including average yearly salaries and sample occupations, please review the Careers in International Management handout. For additional questions and career guidance, please consult Anderson Career Services.

International Management Concentration Checklist

Download the checklist for BBA students and use this worksheet as a guide to satisfy your graduation requirements. Check off the courses as you complete them to keep track of your progress.

Questions regarding concentration requirements should be addressed with your BBA advisor or with the International Management Faculty Concentration Advisor.

International Management checklist for BBA students:

Download International
Management Checklist

International Management Bulletin and Brochure

Download International Management
Bulletin and Brochure

Introduction to International Management

Our full-time and adjunct faculty are enthusiastic about your interest in International Management. Below are some videos from them sharing their perspective on why International Management is important and how it can add value to your professional and intellectual journey:

Professor Manuel Montoya shares his thoughts on why International Management is important:

Adjunct faculty Claire Stasiewicz shares her thoughts on what International Management is and why it matters:

Professor Manuel Montoya shares his thoughts on the career and professional value of an IM education:

Adjunct faculty Claire Stasiewicz describes the importance of the craft and cultural economy to IM management:

Previous Checklists

Older checklists for students admitted prior to the semester listed can request a checklist from their Academic Advisor.

International Management Faculty Concentration Advisor

Raul Gouvea
  • Raul Gouvea
  • Professor
  • Email:
  • Phone: (505) 277-8448
  • Office: ASM 2106
  • More Information & Office Hours »
  • Bio: Dr. Gouvea received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in 1988 and joined the faculty at UNM in 1988.
    Professor Gouvea teaches a number of international management courses, including International Management, Management in Latin America, International Entrepreneurship, and Green Economics.
    Professor Gouvea is the founder and Chair of a number of conferences such as Fostering Indigenous Business and Entrepreneurship in the Americas (FIBEA), Sustainability & Disability (SUDI), Legal Implications of the Green Economy (LIEGE), and co-founded and co-chaired the Water, Innovation, Technology and Sustainability Conferences (WITS).
    He has published over 80 articles in a number of management, economic,  and Latin American Studies Journals, such as the Modern Economy, Journal of Business Ethics, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Thunderbird International Business Review, International Journal of Environmental Studies, Defense & Security Analysis, International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development, Journal of Latin American Studies, Latin American Research Review, Revista Brasileira de Economia, Estudos Economicos,Revista de Economia Politica, Estudios de Economia, and El Trimestre Economico. 
Manuel Montoya
  • Manuel Montoya
  • Associate Professor
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Office: GSM 328B
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  • More Information & Office Hours »
  • Bio: Dr. Manuel (MJR) Montoya is an Associate Professor of Global Structures and International Management at the University of New Mexico's Anderson School of Management.

    He was born and raised in Mora, New Mexico, and received his B.A. in English Literature and Economics from the University of New Mexico. He has Master's degrees from Oxford University and NYU as a Truman Scholar and Rhodes Scholar. He received his Ph.D. at Emory University in Foreign Relations and Comparative Literature as a George Woodruff Scholar and a UNM Center for Regional Studies Fellow.

    His research interests mainly focus on a concept he refers to as "global legibility," the process whereby humans conceptualize the planet and make it a meaningful part of their realities. This work incorporates ideas drawn from studies in Global Political Economy, Emerging Markets, Creative Economy, and Critical Management Studies.

    He currently teaches the core International Management course for Anderson, the international practicum for the EMBA program, and an innovative graduate course that studies management issues in a geopolitical and philosophical context.

    Through his own consulting firm, In Medias Res Consulting, he also provides geo-political strategy to major NGOs, non-profits, and transnational corporations. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has contributed to international efforts to eliminate child soldiers from major conflict regions. Manuel has also served as a policy analyst for the United States Senate and considers public service a pillar of his work.

    Dr. Montoya also contributes to several community organizations. He is on the Board of Directors for the International Folk Art Alliance, The Keshet Center for the Arts. As advisor for International Business Students Global, he has worked with UNM's top students on several ambitious projects aimed at using management skills to contribute to solutions for major global issues, including displacement and the preservation of ancestral cultures.

    An amateur watchmaker, poet, and short story writer, Dr. Montoya has been published in several prestigious literary magazines. He was inducted into the Anderson Hall of Fame in 2015 and was named one of Albuquerque's 40 under 40 in 2016.

Department Contact Information

The International Management Concentration falls within the Finance, International, Technology & Entrepreneurship (FITE) Department. For more information about this department, including contact information for the department chair, please visit the FITE Department Website.