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BBA Management Information Systems Concentration

All concentration information effective for students admitted Fall 2011 or thereafter. Revised March 2014.

Profession Overview

The need for organizations to incorporate existing and future technologies in order to remain competitive has become a more pressing issue over the last several years. As electronic commerce becomes more common, how and when companies use technology are critical issues. Computer and information systems managers play a vital role in the technological direction of their organizations. They do everything from constructing the business plan to overseeing network security to directing Internet operations. Computer and information systems managers plan, coordinate and direct research, and design the computer-related activities of firms. They help determine both technical and business goals in consultation with top management, and make detailed plans for the accomplishment of these goals. For example, working with their staff, they may develop the overall concepts of a new product or service, or may identify how an organization’s computing capabilities can effectively aid project management.

Concentration Overview

Pre-Admission course work55 credit hours
Anderson Core31 credit hours
MIS Concentration course work15 credit hours
*** Upper Division Humanities3 credit hours
Additional Free Electives~ 24 credit hours
Total128 credit hours

Note: In order to increase the depth and breadth of their MIS knowledge and skills, students are strongly advised to take as many MIS courses as possible throughout their degree program as free electives.

Careers & Jobs

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Admission Process

Students must be admitted to Anderson in order to take upper division MGMT courses. Admission applications are submitted online at


Internships are highly recommended. An internship will help you become a viable, experienced job applicant and significantly impact your chances of landing a professional career at graduation. Complete your internship during the fall, spring, or summer semester and earn 3 academic free elective credits. Learn more at

BBA Graduation Application Deadlines

  • NOV 1 - Spring and Summer graduation
  • JUL 1 - Fall graduation

Masters Programs Graduation Application Deadlines

  • NOV 1 - Spring graduation
  • JUL 1 - Fall graduation

MIS Faculty Advisor

Ranjit Bose

Suggested Schedule

Junior Year: First SemesterCredit Hours
MGMT 300: Operations Management3
MGMT 303: Managerial Accounting3
MGMT 306: Org Behavior & Diversity3
*MGMT 330: Business Prog. Fundamentals3
MGMT 398: Career Management Skills1
*MGMT 459: Information Analysis3
Total Credit Hours16
Junior Year: Second SemesterCredit Hours
MGMT 308: Eth, Pol & Soc. Environ.3
MGMT 310: Legal Issues for Managers3
MGMT 322: Marketing Management3
*MGMT 329: Data Management3
Free Elective3
Total Credit Hours15

Summer/Fall/Spring: Optional Internship

See Career Services for possible credit options.

Senior Year: First SemesterCredit Hours
MGMT 326: Financial Management3
MGMT 450: Computer Based Info Sys.3
**Management Information System Elective3
Free Electives9
(An additional MIS course is recommended)
Total Credit Hours18
Senior Year: Second SemesterCredit Hours
MGMT 328: International Management3
MGMT 498: Strategic Management3
**Management Information System Elective3
*** Upper Division Humanities3
Free Electives6
(An additional MIS course is recommended)
Total Credit Hours18

*Management Information Systems required course. (Required courses are offered two sections per year, one in fall and one in spring.)

**Management Information Systems electives. Choose two (2) electives from the following list:

  • MGMT 331: Business Application Programming (F)
  • MGMT 336: Information Systems Security (F & S)
  • MGMT 337: Survey of Computer Systems and Software (S)
  • MGMT 437: System and Network Administration (F)
  • MGMT 461: System Development Project (S)

***Upper Division Humanities: One 3-hour course, 300 level or above from: American Studies, Classics, Comparative Literature, English, History, Philosophy or Religious Studies.

Checklist ownership: Please contact Anderson Advisement for more information, changes or corrections.