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BBA Marketing Management Concentration

All concentration information effective for students admitted Fall 2011 or thereafter. Revised March 2016.

3/1/2016: Added MGMT 482: Digital Marketing (Spring) as elective.

Profession Overview

The exchange of goods and services is perhaps the oldest form of business known to humankind. Students completing a marketing degree program can expect classes in business concepts, economics, consumer behavior, advertising, sales, etc. Students complete projects that are applicable to the real world. Upon graduation, there are many career options. Marketing managers might directly liaison with store buyers to get them to carry their products, or they may be able to work in retail and sales.

Concentration Overview

The Marketing Management Concentration requires completion of 128 credit hours including the following course work:

Pre-Admission course work55 credit hours
Anderson Core31 credit hours
Marketing Concentration course work15 credit hours
***Upper Division Humanities3 credit hours
Additional Free Electives~ 24 credit hours
Total128 credit hours

Dual Concentrations

The areas of Marketing and Operations Management have created a dual concentration program. Students may pursue a dual concentration in Marketing and Operations by taking as few as 21 credit hours including MGMT 433, 434, 435, 481, 486, 488 and one additional Operations elective: 462 or an pre-approved 490.

Careers & Jobs

Learn about what you can do with your concentration...

Admission Process

Students must be admitted to Anderson in order to take upper division MGMT courses. Admission applications are submitted online at


Internships are highly recommended. An internship will help you become a viable, experienced job applicant and significantly impact your chances of landing a professional career at graduation. Complete your internship during the fall, spring, or summer semester and earn 3 academic free elective credits. Learn more at

BBA Graduation Application Deadlines

  • NOV 1 - Spring and Summer graduation
  • JUL 1 - Fall graduation

Masters Programs Graduation Application Deadlines

  • NOV 1 - Spring graduation
  • JUL 1 - Fall graduation

Marketing Faculty Advisor

Dimitri Kapelianis

Suggested Schedule

Junior Year: First SemesterCredit Hours
MGMT 300: Operations Management3
MGMT 303: Managerial Accounting3
MGMT 306: Org Behavior & Diversity3
MGMT 322: Marketing Management3
MGMT 398: Career Management Skills1
Free Elective3
Total Credit Hours16
Junior Year: Second SemesterCredit Hours
MGMT 326: Financial Management3
MGMT 450: Computer Based Info Sys.3
** Marketing Management Elective3
Free Electives6
Total Credit Hours15

Summer/Fall/Spring: Optional Internship

See Career Services for possible credit options.

Senior Year: First SemesterCredit Hours
MGMT 308: Eth, Pol & Soc. Environ.3
MGMT 310: Legal Issues for Managers3
MGMT 328: International Management3
* MGMT 481: Marketing Research3
** Marketing Management Elective3
Free Elective3
Total Credit Hours18
Senior Year: Second SemesterCredit Hours
* MGMT 435: Marketing Strategy3
MGMT 498: Strategic Management3
** Marketing Management Elective3
*** Upper Division Humanities3
Free Electives6
Total Credit Hours18

* Marketing Management required course

** Marketing Management required electives: The majority of these courses are offered once per year. The expected but not guaranteed semester of offering is shown in parentheses after each course.

Choose three (3) courses from the following list:

  • MGMT 433: Management of Service Operations (Fall)
  • MGMT 480: Buyer Behavior (Fall/Spring)
  • MGMT 482: Digital Marketing (Spring)
  • MGMT 483: International Marketing (Fall)
  • MGMT 484: Sales Management (Fall)
  • MGMT 485: Retailing Management (Spring)
  • MGMT 486: Logistics Systems Management (Spring)
  • MGMT 487: Promotion Management (Fall)
  • MGMT 488: Materials & Supply Chain Management (Fall)
  • MGMT 489: Marketing of Services (Spring)
  • MGMT 490: Special Topics, as approved by Marketing Advisor

***Upper-Division Humanities: One 3-hour course, 300-level or above from: American Studies, Classics, Comparative Literature, English, History, Philosophy or Religious Studies.

Checklist ownership: Please contact Anderson Advisement for more information, changes or corrections.